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Client Testimonials

Awesome experience with Dr. Varun, my work was done with special care and very excellent way atmosphere was awesome I like the clinic too and fees was reasonable. And worth full way of speaking and treating was very kind and marvellous. Overall he is very experienced and I had a good time with him.

Nikhil Gupta

The office was very clean. Dr. Varun is very sincere and truly cares about the Patient. He works with your likes and dislikes and makes a dental plan that is realistic and easy to follow. The overall experience at The The Elite Dental & Cosmetic Studio is very positive. Dr. Varun is very friendly, compassionate and has a very skilled hand.
Posted on Practo, September 2016

Vibha Gupta (Interior Designer)

I was very well explained all through and today at completion of my treatment I am more than happy. Thanks to Dr. Varun at Elite Dental.
Posted on Practo, December 2017

Saurabh Dwivedi (IT Engineer, IBM)

Superb clinical finesse, scintillating and amicable ambience and a 100% ethically correct treatment, which unfortunately, most of the self-proclaimed "Highly Sophisticated" and "Commercial" Dental clinics lack....
The Services and Doctors behaviour is excellent too. I'm highly satisfied and would strongly recommend it to my family and friends.

Aanchal Khanna

Excellent work, gives time, updated with technology and latest equipment in the city, good with management of time so you don't need to wait for your turn (appointment is preferred to avoid waiting time). If there's any dental problem, there's Elite dental clinic at the service.
Posted on Practo, October 2014

Akshey Garg (Charter Accountant)

Very satisfied with the services offered in short span of time. Rates charged were reasonable and I was pleased to see the end results. Will surely recommend friends and family to opt for him in future. Beautiful Clinic and a wonderful person.
Posted on Practo, February 2017

Rahul Kapur (Businessman)

After completion of my treatment, I realised the importance of dentists and specially a good dentist. Dr Mehta was there to attend the slightest of the query and the amount of personal attention that I obtained made me feel they are more humans than doctors. I wish him lots of success, luck and miles to go. Thanks.
Posted on Practo, January 20

Mayank Kumar (C.A. Aspirant)

The experience was quite nice. Ambience was peaceful, soothing music. Staff was very courteous. Dr Varun is very humble but at the same time very transparent and straight forward. He tells even the worst possibilities before commencing the treatment, which most of doctors don't. He showed me on TV screen that there were many more cavities in my mouth then I'd anticipated, and which demanded immediate attention. Cost of the treatment was also very transparently told in the beginning, which I very much appreciate. I am very particular about hygiene and sterilization. Because of this reason, I have been to many dentists but didn't get any treatment done. But I was quiet satisfied regarding that here. The massaging dental chair at his clinic is something that I've never seen elsewhere. Keep up the good work doc.

Lalit Mohan

Last week I got appointment through Practo to Dr Varun. In very short time he did extraction of my wisdom teeth. Very smooth hand. Overall my experience was good and satisfactory. Massaging Dental chair is one of the experiences. I would recommend this doctor to all my friend and relatives.
Posted on Practo, February 2017

Devinder Kumar (Mechanical Engineer)

I never used to like my dental appointments till I met Dr. Mehta for an RCT. A mostly painless procedure, the whole treatment went by like a breeze. I would recommend him to everyone. Thanks
Posted on Practo, January 2016

Nidhi Gupta (Software Engineer, Microsoft)

Approaching a dentist fills one with apprehension if not with fear. Few months back I had to undergo root canal treatment. In the first meeting Dr. Varun Mehta put me at ease and explained the procedure which was going to be performed. He has modern equipment to treat every day dental problems. I was impressed by the ease with which he performed the treatment. He was most accommodating for follow up appointments and suggested various dates which were mutually suitable. I found him to be warm, friendly and inquisitive about development and knowledge in various disciplines. I appreciate the work done by Dr. Varun and wish him good luck and prosperity. I recommend him whole-heartedly to people who may have to face any dental problems in future.
Posted on Google+ and Practo, April 2017

Ganesh Bengade ( IT Engineer, Microsoft)

Dr Varun is an extremely polite and knowledgeable doctor and spent ample amount of time discussing the treatment and price choices. He has a very gentle hand and made the process of otherwise horrible RCT treatment, completely painless experience for me. To my surprise, it was completed in just 1 hour. My wife and I have also recommended him to our friends and family who also gave us the same feedback and thanked us for the recommendation.
Posted on Google+, April 2017

Abhishek Gupta (Businessman)

I had gaps between my front teeth and that looked really ugly. I was very conscious & never used to smile openly and it made me look as an introvert. Dr Mehta was referred to me by a friend who got some work done by him and was very happy with the results. Earlier, I was suggested to get white braces by another dentist, but Dr. Mehta gave me the option of Porcelain Veneers as well as Invisalign braces which are almost transparent trays to correct the gap. But he suggested Veneers to be a better choice in my case as he would be able to work on the individual shapes of teeth making it look very esthetical. The work is done and though we had to make some minor adjustments it was totally worth it. In the end they look so good and the difference is so contrasting that I wonder how I didn't get the treatment done before. Dr Mehta I must say is a sweetheart very friendly and soft spoken and his attendant Krishn is also a smiley helpful boy. Great practice and definitely worth a recommendation. This is just a small token of appreciation for the drastic boost Dr. Mehta has given to my smile and me.
Posted on Practo, April 2017

Renu Gupta (CabinCrew, Vistara)

Very good and very skilled Dr. Mehta, my wisdom tooth was aching so much .......he fixed it. I am very grateful to him.
Posted on Practo, April 2017

Soma Majumdar (Graphic Designer)

Very good experience. Doctor is very nice he helps me understand where is the problem and told me that tooth need to be extracted. The entire process done in 1 hour and now I m fine.
Posted on Practo, March 2017

Ranju/Rahul Mishra (House Wife)

Excellent, our family has been using him for past several months. He is flexible for our work hours, extremely personable and full of good advice. He has made the dreaded dental visits a pleasure for everybody in the family. I would highly recommend him to all especially families. He also has great 5 years maintenance plans which are also great value for money.
Posted on Practo, Nov 2014

Amit Saraff (Businessman, Smartshore)

Other doctors had suggested me for costly surgical procedures; Dr Varun assured me results with normal but prolonged procedure only. He did not mind giving me extra sittings for the treatment and was very economical as compared to the treatment suggested by other doctors. Highly recommended. A++ god bless
Posted on Practo, January 2017

Sunita Agarwal (House Wife)

It was a very nice experience overall. Getting braces for both my children has been a pleasant experience. It has given my children perfect teeth and unlike other dentists advised, he didn't take out any of their original teeth to put braces. Watching my kids at comfort, even I got my wife's and mine teeth checked and treatment done. He is polite and extremely well versed in his profession. Highly recommended family dentist.
Posted on Practo, April 2017

K. Kumar (Software Engineer)

Good. Dr is friendly & polite and explains the problem nicely. The clinic is near to my home & convenient timings.
Posted on Practo, May 2016

Amazing experience. Very caring and professional and always concerned about the patient even after the treatment is done. I would recommend Dr. Varun Mehta to everyone and would certainly let my friends and family know about him if they require the service.
Posted on Practo, August 2014


I was in delhi for a business Trip when I faced acute pain in my tooth, I googled and found Elite to be the closest Clinic and well rated. I went there Dr. Varun was very calm and pleasant he heard my problem, helped me fix the tooth filling and gave me good advise for future care of my teeth, it was all economically Charged. I highly recommend Elite to anybody with dental and corrective issues.
Posted on Google+, April 2017

Nidhi G (Businesswomen, Mumbai)

Visited for regular tooth cleaning and polishing. Clinic is very cool. Nice interacting with you Doc.
Posted on Practo, April 2017

Vipul Khinder (Chemical Engineer, IIT Kanpur)

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